L-Glutamine Powder as Private Label Supplements

L-Glutamine Powder as Private Label SupplementsWhat is L-Glutamine Powder?

L-Glutamine, which is also known for its other names such as Glutamine, Glutamate, Glutamic acid. Glutamine is an amino acid, the most abundant free amino acid in our body. Glutamine is a building blocks for proteins.

Did you know that muscles produces Glutamine and that the blood helps in distributing this to the organs that needs it? Glutamine helps our body parts function properly such as the gut, immune system, and other essential processes in the body most especially during a period of stress.

Health Benefits of L-Glutamine Powder

The following are the known medical and health benefits of Glutamine

- Used as a counter for some side effects of medical treatments
- Helps in protecting immune system
- Helps in protecting digestive system
- Glutamine can also be used as a tool for immediate recovery for surgical procedures such as bone marrow transplant or bowel surgery.
- Helps improve well-being of the people who suffered traumatic injuries
- Helps in preventing infections for people with critical illness
- People with HIV, use glutamine in preventing weight loss
- Helps with people with ADHD or Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorder
- Helps with people having urinary problems.

L-Glutamine Powder as Private Label Supplements

OrderVia.com which offers Private Label Supplements for L-Glutmaine Powder helps in formulating L-Glutamine powder for the commercial use. The commercial use of Glutamine or L-Glutamine in powder form is made through a fermentation process that uses bacteria that will produce glutamine.

Now with the health benefits mentioned above on how L-Glutamine Powder can help in improving the well-being of our body, OrderVia.com makes sure that what is released in the market worldwide is properly formulated and process that is available for retailing and wholesale distribution in a form of private label supplements.

If you are looking to have your own private label supplements business then you need to connect with OrderVia.com which is the best and only trusted supplements manufacturer worldwide.

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